Sufism Not Pacifism

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

In our life, it is not always clear what the motivation and action behind every situation is. This requires one to be in touch with the deeper side of life. Hazrat Inayat Khan, said in the 1920s, "The condition of the world today is such that humanity has become abnormal in these days." How much more true is this today? He urges us to make our "everyday life our religion." In order to do this we can fortify ourselves daily with prayer and breath practices as well as concentration, contemplation, and meditation. Then, as Hazrat Inayat Khan tells us, "every action in life may have some spiritual fruit." Let us contemplate this teaching towards greater understanding in the Ideal of Brotherhood/Sisterhood.

With sisterly love and prayers for an enlightened world,
KarimaGita and Gayan

KarimaGita Erickson, Activity Secretary, USA
Gayan Galik, Assistant Activity Secretary, USA


SUFISM NOT PACIFISM, Social Gatheka, No. 1 (excerpts)
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Right or wrong depends upon the attitude and situation, not the action. This naturally gives the Sufi tolerance towards another, and makes him ready to forgive another and unwilling to form an opinion about the action of another person.

The condition of the world to day is such that humanity has become abnormal in these days. Man is not only frightened at badness, but also at goodness; man does not dread only war, but also peace, man is not only tired of enmity, but also friendship; man does not only suspect his adversary today but even his own brother. It seems as if the mind of the world were not only tired but ill: it seems as if humanity had a nervous breakdown.

Man, individually or collectively, does not know his life's purpose or goal. The Sufi Message urges humanity to know life better and to achieve freedom in life, it encourages man to accomplish what he considers good, just and desirable, and before every action, to note its consequences, by studying the situation, by judging his own attitude, by studying beforehand the method which one adopts to act in life. It is true that Sufism does not only guide those who are religious, mystical or visionary, but the Sufi message gives to the world the religion of the day, and that is to make one's life a religion, to turn one's occupation, one's profession into religion, to make one's ideal a religious ideal.