Optimism & Pessimism, Part 4 by Gemma Erickson and Gayan Galik

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We greet the gift of a new day and the opportunity to practice tuning to the Divine spirit of optimism which Hazrat Inayat Khan encourages will instill in us a hopeful, positive attitude and promise success in the face of disappointment and difficulties in life.

May all beings be filled with the life giving spirit of optimism.

With Sisterly Love and prayers for an enlightened world,
Nuria and KarimaGita

KarimaGita Erickson, Activity Secretary, USA
Gayan Galik, Assistant Activity Secretary, USA

Social Gatheka, No. 3, Part 4, Optimism and Pessimism
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

A man with optimism will help another drowning in the sea of fear and disappointment; but on the contrary a pessimistic person if to him some one goes ill, or downhearted he will pull him down and make him sink to the depths with him. On the side of the one is Life, on the side of the other death.

One climbs to the top of the mountain, the other descends to the depth of the earth. Is there any greater helper in sorrow or misfortune, when every situation in life seems dark, than the spirit of optimism that knows that all will be right? Therefore it is no exaggeration if I say that the very spirit of God comes to man's rescue in the form of the optimistic spirit. Friends, it does not matter how hard a situation in life may be, however great the difficulties, they all can be surmounted; but what matters is if one's own pessimistic spirit is weighing one down low when already a person has come to low waters. Death is preferable to being weighed down in misery by a pessimistic spirit. Therefore the greatest reward there can be in the world is the spirit of optimism, and the greatest punishment that can be given to man for his worst sin is pessimism. Verily the one who is hopeful in life, he will succeed.


…it is love trusting love which is optimism.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Returning to the words above from Hazrat Inayat Khan on Optimism and Pessimism from Social Gatheka, Part 1, we are given a key to understanding how “the very spirit of God comes to man’s rescue in the form of the optimistic spirit.” May we turn within to our heart’s ideal of love and place our trust in that Divine spirit of love which is optimism. With daily contemplation upon this ideal, we might observe and realize how this affects our view of difficulties or challenges we face in life.

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