Harmony, Part 2 by Gemma Erickson and Gayan Galik

Beloved Sisters and Brothers,

Hazrat Inayat Khan encourages us to stand firm against the disharmonies that come from within our own self. As we develop in self-discipline and self-understanding, we are then fortified to withstand the jarring effects of the disharmonies that come from without.

With Loving regard and prayers for an enlightened world,
KarimaGita and Gayan

Social Gatheka, No. 4, Harmony, Part 2
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

By fighting with disharmony one increases it, by not fighting it one does not give fuel to the fire which would rise for destruction and cause destruction. But no doubt, the wiser you become, the more difficulties you have to face in life, because every kind of disharmony will be directed toward you for the very reason that you will not fight it. But at the same time one must know with all that difficulty you have helped that disharmony which would have otherwise multiplied, to be destroyed. It is not without advantage, for every time you stand against disharmony, you increase your strength, although outwardly it may seem a defeat. But one conscious of the increase of his power will never admit that it is a defeat. And as soon as the time is passed the person against whom one has stood firm will realize that it was his defeat.

Life in the world has a constantly jarring effect and the finer you become the more trying it becomes to you. And the time comes that when a person is sincere and good-willing, kind and sympathetic, the worse life becomes for him. But if he is discouraged in it he goes under. If he kept his courage then you find it was not disadvantageous in the end. Because his power will some day increase to that stage, to that degree that his presence, his word, his action will control the thoughts and feelings and actions of all.

For he will get that heavy rhythm, the rhythm that will make the rhythm of everybody else follow it. This is the attribute which is called in the east the quality of the mastermind. But in order to stand firm against the disharmony that comes from without, one must first practice to stand firm against all that comes from within, from one's own self. For our soul itself is more difficult to control than the others. And when one is not able and one fails to control oneself, it is most difficult to stand against the disharmony without.


In order to stand firm against the disharmony that comes from without,
one must first practice to stand firm against all that comes from within,
from one's own self.

Contemplating this teaching, we might first practice observing our self, giving attention to our reaction when confronted with an outer disharmony that is directed toward us.

In that moment, what feelings are we experiencing? Is the disharmony we experience caused by the external condition or source or is it a disharmony within that arises when confronted with that condition? With this self-observation we may know and understand our self and life better.

Hazrat Inayat Khan reminds us to stand firm against all disharmonies by not fighting or resisting it. As learned in the previous teaching, Harmony, Part 1, if we tune our thoughts, feelings, and actions to qualities of beauty we create harmony within, and in this, we are encouraged and fortified to withstand the disharmonies that come from without.

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