Optimism & Pessimism, Part 1 by Gemma Erickson and Gayan Galik

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Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

This begins a short series of teachings on the qualities of optimism and pessimism, which are always relevant, and perhaps even more so in times of upheaval. We pray that our hearts may overflow with optimism and love, and be cleansed of all pessimism and disappointment.

With sisterly love and prayers for an ever more enlightened world,
KarimaGita and Gayan

KarimaGita Erickson, Activity Secretary, USA
Gayan Galik, Assistant Activity Secretary, USA

Optimism and pessimism, Social Gatheka, No 3, Part 1
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Optimism represents the spontaneous flow of love. Also optimism represents trust in love. This shows that it is love trusting love which is optimism. Pessimism comes from disappointment from a bad impression which is there of some hindrance in the path. Optimism gives a hopeful attitude in life, while by pessimism one sees darkness in one's path. No doubt sometimes pessimism shows conscientiousness, cleverness also, and pessimism also shows experience. But in point of fact we can be conscientious enough if we only thought what difficulties one had before one in one's life. It is trust which solves the problem.

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