Optimism & Pessimism, Part 3 by Gemma Erickson and Gayan Galik

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Hazrat Inayat Khan reminds us, “The whole nature is made by God, so the nature of each individual is made by himself. And as the Almighty has the power to change His nature, so the individual is capable of changing his nature….”

We are therefore encouraged to remain optimistic in all circumstances and in all conditions of life.

With Sisterly Love and prayers for an enlightened world,
KarimaGita and Gayan

KarimaGita Erickson, Activity Secretary, USA
Gayan Galik, Assistant Activity Secretary, USA

Optimism and Pessimism, Social Gatheka, No. 3, Part 3
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Very often the wise have seen that cleverness does not reach far, it goes so far and then it stands; for cleverness is knowledge which belongs to earth, and as to experience, what is man's experience, one is only proud of one’s experience until one has seen how vast is the world. In every line of work and thought, there is no moment of experience that is not needed, but the further man takes the experience the more he sees how little he knows. The psychological effect of optimism is such that it helps to bring success. For it is by the optimistic spirit that God has created the world. Therefore optimism comes from God and pessimism is born out of the heart of man.

What little experience of life man has, he learns this will not succeed, that will not go, this will not come right. For the one who is optimistic, if it does not come right in the end, it does not matter, he will take his chance. And what is life? Life is an opportunity, and to the optimistic person this opportunity is a promise, and for the pessimistic person this opportunity is lost. It is not that the Creator makes man lose it, but it is himself who fails to seize the opportunity.

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